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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Detailed Tutorial On How To Build a Facebook Group Using a Fast Procedure in 2016

Hello people, today I have been getting so many request about group building and explaining one by one from one student to the other, so i have decided to drop the tutorial here simply for the sake of fellow bloggers and also those that wish to create and sell to interested persons, so today article will strictly be on how to create a huge facebook group with an easy and fast procedure.

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Requirements for building massive facebook group

-chrome browser
-facebook accounts with friends in it
-Download script for adding all friends in the account to one group

Detailed procedure on how to build a facebook group

-now before we begin, visit and input the details of the account which you want to add and its friends to the group. (on same chrome browser)

-now login your facebook account with which the group is on your phone or login using firebox browser.

-now go back to that your chrome which you have logged in on using your friend account, click on the search bar, input the name of your facebook group and click on it.

-once it loads your group, click on the join button to join the group, you will receive a prompt notification on your personal logged in facebook account, visit it and accept the person request.

-after accepting the person to the group, pres and hold ctrl+shift+j simultaneously and a prompt like the caption in the screenshot below will pop up
Detailed Tutorial On How To Build a Facebook Group Using a Fast Procedure in 2016

-after which open the script you downloaded above or better still see script here and copy the whole script and paste it into the empty box below using ctrl + v and press enter, after pressing enter you will see it adding all friends in that person account to the group and it will appear like the one in the screenshot below.
Detailed Tutorial On How To Build a Facebook Group Using a Fast Procedure in 2016

-once it is done adding, click on refresh to refresh the page, just like the on in the screenshot below and you are done.

-continue this process for all accounts that you have within your reach, so many people go as far as hacking account through facebook phishing method, though i am not in support of that but for those who still want to learn how to build a facebook phishing site, click HERE.

NB;you can only add a minimum of 700 facebook accounts to the group daily and also the code only add accounts with 1500 friends, anything above that, you get an error and that account won't be allowed to add friends anymore.

if you also have any question whatsoever regarding this, pls do use the comment form below and i will be with you shortly


  1. Thanks a lot for this.

    1. You are welcome ma.


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