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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Latest Unlimited GLO Free Browsing Using Psiphon and Syphon shield VPN

today I bring my readers and subscribers good news, we all know how difficult it is to get free browsing tricks on glo because of how secure their system is, but today i present to you, how to browse free and unlimited on glo network using psiphon, so before we begin i suggest you first download the necessary apps required. don't worry a download link will be provided below.

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Psiphon/syphon shield VPN settings for glo unlimited free browsing.

-firstly before we begin, it is advisable you download and install psiphon pro lite on your android device

-after which you launch it and configure it as provided below;
 proxy type; real host
 proxy server;
 real proxy type; default
better still see screenshot below

-after which you click on save and select "tunnel whole device"

-click on more options and configure it as follows
 uncheck sound
 check vibrate
 uncheck connect through an http proxy.
better still see the screenshot below

-after which go back and click on connect, you should get something as seen in the screenshot below

after which connect and start surfing and downloading unlimitedly.


  1. Chigbata Richard10 July 2016 at 08:58

    Which apn did you use?

  2. Not working joor

    1. Are you using it with a new sim card? Make sure you are using with a new glo sim


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